Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic support to keep you aligned, feeling your best, and ready to play hard. 
chiropractic manipulations

Chiropractic Adjustments

Manual and impulse instrumental adjustments with an assortment of chiropractic tables to suit your preferences and needs. 

Depending on what you're most comfortable with, or what your body needs at each visit - Dr. Aaron will use a mixture of traditional (manual) and modern (instrumental) chiropractic techniques.
cold laser therapy

Cold Laser Therapy

Paired well with your regular chiropractic visits, cold laser therapy can help reduce aches, pains, and inflammation between your visits. 

This treatment promotes the flow of energy to the affected treatment area to aid your body with healing itself and restoring the cells to their normal, healthy function.
custom foot orthotics

Custom Foot Orthotics

Your feet are your body’s foundation. And like the foundation of your home - cracks or problems with the base may cause long term problems that are later difficult or costly to repair.

A 3D BodyView® Scan can help us detect “silent” problems in your foundation - which may be causing problems elsewhere in your body. There are many custom orthotic in-sole, shoe, and flip flop options that can help stabilize each step and support your body correctly.
comfort add ons

Comfort Add-ons

Chiropractic add-ons to help you get the most out of each and every visit.

A customer favorite is our famous "rolly table" (technically called an Intersegmental Traction Table) which can be a relaxing way to gently loosen your body before or after an adjustment. 

We also offer hot & cold packs and an assortment of massage & adjustment tables to suit your preferences.
manual chiropractic adjustments3d bodyview foot scanimpulse instrument chiropractic adjustmentsintersegmental traction tablemanual chiropractic manipulations

Monthly Chiropractic Plans

A flexible and affordable way to get the chiropractic support you need - for where you are each and every visit. Every visit is customized and may include manual or instrumental adjustments, laser therapy, heat therapy, and some time to relax on one of our intersegmental traction tables.

1 monthly treatment

Perfect for those who occasionally struggle with back and neck pain, tension head aches, or sciatica.

2 monthly treatments

The two visit treatment plan is designed for those who struggle with chronic conditions or may be recovering from and auto injury.
Monthly plans are a 1-year contract, payments due by the 1st of each month.
book appointment online

Online Appointment Booking

Find a time that works best for your schedule.