Angela Galluzzo

Angela is the Administrative Assistant & Social Media Marketer for Back in Line Health Care. She’s been involved with the wellness professional field for half a decade and continues to enjoy it more as time goes on. She is currently attending Clark College to complete her A.A. Transfer degree to continue her education at Oregon State University for a B.S. in Horticulture.
Angela is a massive advocate for the importance of wellness, balance, nutrition, and selfcare. The growth of knowledge and skills to further enrich one’s life is something she focuses on attaining for herself and for others around her every day.
Ms. Galluzzo is an immensely free spirited, passionate, active, and artistic young woman. When she’s not in the clinic, she enjoys playing and hiking with her fur baby, Geronimo the dog, as well as spending time with her wonderful partner, Josh the human. In addition, she plays volleyball and softball throughout the year with local leagues and loves every minute of it. In her spare time away from the previous, you’ll catch her reading a good book, indulging in creative writing, experimenting with herbs, spices, food, and drinks for their benefits, tending to her plants, and a plethora of other creative and therapeutic outlets to appreciate.
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