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Dr. Aaron Herbert

Dr. Aaron began his path to becoming a Chiropractor at the University of Oregon where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in General Science and Psychology. After an opportunity conducting research at Oregon Health and Science University, he enrolled at Western States Chiropractic College. After graduation in 2004 he worked at Western States Chiropractic College as an instructor. In 2005 he became an associate while opening his own practice, Back in Line Health Care. Since then, Dr. Aaron has been treating patients in Vancouver and the Portland Metro area for over 15 years.
Dr. Aaron believes that everyone should have the opportunity to stay healthy, live well & play hard. This is the belief that Back in Line Health Care has been built on.
When he isn’t spending time learning how to better serve his patients he can be spotted around town riding Harley Davidson motorcycles or spending quality time with his wife & family.

Dr. Aaron's Testimonials

Dr. Aaron is absolutely the best chiropractic. 

I have been to several chiropractics before, and nobody helped me as much as Dr. Aaron. In addition, he is a very caring person. I had adjustment, cold lazier to relieve pain, rolling table and orthodontics from Dr. Aaron. 

I am very happy with his services and would highly recommend him to all.

-Angie V.
My grandson is 6 weeks old and suffers from colic. 

He was so fussy and crying like he was in pain. Dr. Aaron adjusted him and he was like a new baby. No more screaming like he was being hurt! He is no longer constipated. 

Next time this happens I will be sure to get him to Dr. Aaron.

-Maria S.
I suffered from hip pain for 9 years. During that time I tired 2 chiropractors and 2 physical therapists, but had no relief. After just one quick visit to Dr. Aaron, he figured out my problem. It is flat feet! He had custom orthotics made for me, as well as sandals with custom insoles. I have sports orthotics and orthotics that fit in my dress shoes. After just 2 weeks of wearing them, my hip pain is gone. Not only that, but my feet feel amazing with the support! It has been 2 months now and I remain pain free. Dr. Aaron is the only one who figure it out and he figured it out in minutes! He is the BEST!!! 

-Sue S.
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